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Thermal imaging measurement

About the service

Thermal imaging measurements with the Testo 880 expert thermal camera for complete analysis and documentation with real images of buildings, electrical systems and machines.

Thermal imaging cameras are of great importance in preventive maintenance, but also in production control and, last but not least, in technical diagnostics. They reveal anomalies and thus allow precise detection of the problem area.

They inspect materials and components completely free of damage and show problem parts before failure occurs. Testo 880 offers immediate results compared to other methods where production has to be stopped, or for example pipes have to be dismantled.

The infrared thermal imager allows you to check the heating of low, medium and high voltage electrical equipment. Faulty components or connections are displayed and located so that targeted maintenance can be performed. It is also possible to reduce the risk of fire and the risk of stopping production. Documentation of measurement results plays an important role in preventive maintenance. Testo 880 thermal imaging camera offers integrated management of measured values to create structures and inspection path plans. Along with the display of the temperature distribution, a real image of the measurement site, captured by the built-in digital camera, can be displayed. The merging of the two images is done using a program. A computer program with the function of creating a measurement report allows quick and easy documentation.

In addition to images of electrical equipment, we offer visualization of the thermal properties of building envelopes, heating systems, cooling equipment and wear and tear of mechanical components in industrial facilities.