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Separated power distribution switchboards

About the product

The primary function of separated switchboard is to protect the operator from any risk of electric shock.

Separate assembly ensures safe access for personnel as follows:

  • Protects against contact with live parts of adjacent functional units, with a minimum degree of protection of at least IPXXB.
  • Prevents the ingress of solid foreign bodies from one compartment to another, with a minimum degree of protection of at least IP2x.
  • Reduces the risk of internal electric arc generation and propagation.


In our applications, we offer fully type-tested power separated switchboards up to a rated current of 7000 A, with a short-term sustained short-circuit current Icw up to 150 kA.

It is possible to choose front or rear access to the cable compartment, and the entry of cables and bus systems can be made from the top or the bottom.

According to the customer’s requirement, the degree of internal separation from grade 1 to grade 4b, or grade 4b type 7, according to the British Standard, can be used.

Power separated switchboards find their application especially in industry or, for example, in hospitals, where high emphasis is placed on continuous operation and easy maintenance.

We use the following manufacturers’ systems as standard for power isolated switchboards:

  • Siemens – SIVACON S8 system
  • Logstrup – Omega system
  • Schneider – Prisma system