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Design of substations and switchboards

About the service

The project documentation is normally created in the Eplan P8/Pro-panel system and submitted in PDF format. Outputs can be converted to DWG format upon customer request. We offer the documentation itself as well as the accompanying texts, manuals and software in different languages.

We offer preparation of documentation:

  • Single-pole switchbox diagram
  • Three-pole switchbox diagram
  • Switchboard control diagram
  • 3D model of switchboard (digital twin)
  • Complete manufacturing documentation of low voltage switchboards
  • Drawing of the actual state of the substation (switchboard)
  • Calculations of switchboard heating and short-circuit ratios in switchboard
  • Functional switchboard designs:
    • Interlocking switchboards including software development
    • Switchboards for photovoltaic power plants
    • DC switchboards with station batteries
    • Power factor compensation switchboards
    • Switchboards for building control
    • Industrial switchboards
    • Switchboards with control system
    • In languages CZ, EN, RU, DE, PL, SK a FR