Global Business company deals exclusively with drafts, manufacture and projecting of electrical switchboards and busbar systems with a rated output up to 1000V AC/1500V DC and rated current up to 7000A.

In the production process we use our own certified switchboard system, or fully tested type solutions from leading manufacturers  (Siemens Rittal, Logstrup, Schneider Electric, Eaton, General Electric).

Company manufacturing activities:

•LV switchboard manufacturing up to 7000A

• Licensed partner for SIVACON S9 switchboard system

• Design and implementation of busbar sytems up to 6300A

• Design and manufacturing of MCC modular switchboards

• Design and delivery of fast contactor compensation

• Design and delivery of technological switchboards incl.application software


System used for dwawings:


Documentation may be supplied in czech, russian,

english or french language.




Services within manufacturing of LV switchboards:

1. Comprehensive retrofit of circuit breakers and LV substations (AR and ARV retrofit circuit breakers certificate from OEZ Letohrad)

2. Installation of delivered switchboards and participation on start-up process in Czech Republic and abroad.

3. LV switchboard designing in EPLAN and AUTOCAD.

4. Designing and 3D vizualization of busbar systems in AUTOCAD.

5. Network analysis,measurement of higher harmonics.

6. Thermal infrared camera measuring.

7. Cutting of holes in metal sheets, plastic and switchboard enclosures with using of CNC Steinhauser center.

8. Engraving of plastic labels and inscriptions with using of laser technology.



Global Business pays great attention to foreign projects with the aim of increasing the share of exports in total company turnover.

At present, export represents 35 % of total company turnover. The company has GOST R certificate for export to The Russian Federation and at the same time with EAC certificate which allows export of the switboards to all countries of the Customs Union  (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan).

The company´s products were repeteadly delivered to the following countries:

Germany   England  France   Slovak Rep.  Nigeria

Romania   Poland   Hungary  Russia  Pakistan

Belarus     China     Iraq        UAE     Bulgaria