Licensed partner Siemens

Since 2010 Global Business became certified technology partner of LV switchboard production in system SIVACON S8. It is a fully type-tested switchboard system for the design and manufacturing of LV switchboards. This system fully replaced the erlier system SIVACON 8PT.


Main features of the new modular system SIVACON S8:

Fully type-tested solutions.

Draw-out (drawer) or fixed design with interrnal separation of functional units.

Standard or seismic-resistant design.

Busbar system up to 7000A.

Together with busbar system SIVACON 8PS consist  of a compact fully type-tested solutions for power distribution.

Worldwide network of service partners.

Worldwide known and proven modular system.

More detailed technical information can be obtained on website .


Modular switchboard system SIVACON S4:

SIVACON S4 is not draw-out modular switchboard system up to 4000A. It is fully type tested and fixed system with possibility of internal separation of individual outputs to grade 4 including. Thanks to the high quality design its main use  is in light industry, hospitals, shopping centers, office buildings etc.