Services provided

Substations and switchboard desinging

Global Business company offers comprehensive  services not only  in the supply  of  LV switchboards,but also making  technical and design documentation.

The drawings are supplied as standard in AUTOCAD.On customer request can be delivered in the format of EPLAN.

We offer making the following documentaion:

·         Switchboard single- line diagram

·         Switchboard three-pole diagram

·         Switchboard control diagram

·         LV switchboards comprehensive manufacturing documentation

·         Drawings of actual state of the substation (switchboard)

·         Switchboard warming calculations and short-circuits condiotions in the cabinets

·         Functional designs of the switchboards:

– Standby switchboards including making software
– Switchboards for photovoltaic power plants
– DC switchboards with station batteries
– Compensation switchboards
– Switchboards for building control
– Industrial switchboards
– Switchboards with control systems


Documentation may be supplied in following languages:

·         English

·         Russian

·         French


Infracamera thermovision measurements

Global Business company performs thermovision measurements with using of expert infracamera  for complete analysis and documentation of the actual building image,electrical systems and machines –  testo880.

Infracameras are of great importance for preventive maintenance ,but also in building and production monitoring      and,ultimately,in technical diagnostics.

Infracamera reveal anomalies and enable  accurate detection of problem area.Due to this fact can be done timely repair.

It check completely without damaging the material and components and display problem parts before failure occurs.Unlike other methods,it is necessary to stop production ,for example, or disassemble the distribution system, infracamera testo880 provides an instant result.

An infrared camera allows check of heating of low voltage,medium and high voltage electrical equipment.

Defective components or connections are detected and localized so that it is possible to perform targeted maintenance.It is also possible to reduce the risk of fire even danger of production stopping.

During preventive maintenance service plays an important role documentation of measurement results.

Testo880 infrared camera provides integrated management of mesured values by which it is possible to create structure and plans of inspection trips.

Together with the display of temperature distribution is possible to display real-time image of measurement point recorded with using bulit-in digital camera.The connection of the two images is performed by the program. Computer program with the creation of measurement reports allows quick and easy documentation.

In addition to images of electrical equipment,we offer visualization of thermal technical properties of building shells,heating systems,cooling equipment and wear of mechanical components of industrial equipment.

To determine the optimal way of measuring and pricing,please contact :

Václav Hána
Phone: +420 573 308 816
Mobile: +420 724 879 873


Network analysis,compensation design

Power quality may vary considerably over time ,depending on many factors with a different degree of influence.If the deviation from the standard exceeds a certain level,can begin a powered device malfunction,or may even be decommissioned either temporarily or pernamently with the need for service.

The basic view of power quality is based on compliance with quality indicators.

Our company carries out the necessary measurements with using of ENA analyzer which can evaluate these parametres of distribution network:

·         Basic elements of the distribution network (voltage,current,frequency,power factor active,reactive and apparent power energy)

·         Flickr (Voltage fluctuations)

·         Short time decreasing and increasing quantities

·         Voltage interruption

·         Mains voltage imbalance

·          Higher harmonics to the 50th harmonics

·         Rapid voltage changes

Considerable quantity of industrial network is reactive energy whose value determines the appliances. The analyzer can be used in the operation to measure unwanted consumptions of reactive power and determine exactly required compensation power and size of each stage.

Final report analyzes the network and its preparation,including graphs of measured variables and possible recommendations  to remedy identified shortcomings is part of the measurement.

To determine the optimal method of measurement ,duration and pricing of measurement,please contact:

Václav Hána
Phone: +420 573 308 816
Mobile:    +420 724 879 873


Laser engraving

Global Business performs engraving and laser marking:

·         Production and instrumentation labels

·         Company logos

·         Simple electrical and mechanical diagrams

·         Bottles,glass

·         Other products (labels, key chains,cutting self-adhesive films…)

Engraving is performed in the following materials:

·         Double layer of plastic  with a choice of backround color and font

·         plexiglass

·         glass

·         stickers

Graphic original is the best delivered in a format so-called closed curves.
These are files  – dwg, dxf, cdr.
The maximum size of the engraved surface is in a format  800 x 450 mm.



Global Business performs computer–controlled CNC milling machine Steinhauer 

·         sheets

·         distribution boards

·         switchboard cabinets (doors,sidewalls,enclosures)

It is also possible
– making holes for fans,air conditioning,glands and controls
– drilling holes 2,4 – 11 mm,
– milling of circular holes of larger diameter
– cutting metric threads range  M3 – M10.
– shouldering of assembly panels with cable channels and DIN rails according mounting plan

Pricing will be based on submitted drawings.