About us

Global Business company deals exclusively with drafts, manufacture and projecting of electrical switchboards and busbar systems with a rated output up to 1000V AC/1500V DC and rated current up to 7000A. With the volume of manufactured switchboards the company ranks among the top 5 LV switchboard manufacturers in Czech Republic.

Annual turnover of the company is moving about 150 million CZK.

The company employs around 50 full-time employees.

Starting from 2010 the company became a regional Siemens partner for design, production and sale of type tested switchboards brand SIVACON Siemens. In 2012 the company became a brand partner of General Electric for production of type tested switchboards under the system GE SEN Plus. From the beginning of 2013, is also Global Business partner of Denmark company  Logstrup with the full rights for using fully type tested Logstrup cabinets for production its own switchboards.

Thanks to this partnerships,we can offer to our customers MCC switchboards in fully type tested design with components from leading world manufacturers of LV switching and installation technology (Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, EATON, General Electric ).

The company has all the necessary certificates and type tests for production of LV electrical switchboards and other activities to be offered.
Company in details: 
Name of the company: Global Business s.r.o.
Legal form : limited liability company
Registracion: County Court in Brno, section C,entry 53231
Object of business:
switchboard production
electrical equipment design
assembly, repair, inspection and tests of dedicated electrical equipment

Establishment of the company:

October 29,1998
Registered capital: CZK 100.000
Ownership structure:
Ing. Miroslav Dudík 50%
Luděk Holotík         50%

Director of the company:

Luděk Holotík
Number of employees: 48 full-time employees
Structure of staff:
2 company management
2 economics and human resources
5 business and pricing department
4 design department
3 purchasing cell
2 output inspection
25 production
2 warehousing
3 other

Company headquarters:

Kostelec u Holešova 264, PSČ 767 01, Czech Republic

Production site – LV switchboard production: Chelčického 2288, Kroměříž 767 01, Czech Republic